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How to Strip Copper Wire for Scrap

How to Strip Copper Wire for Scrap

Copper and the Scrap Metal Industry
Copper remains one of the most sought-after metals in the scrap industry. It can be found in varying shapes, and sizes, including pipes, plates, wires, and electronics. Since we have lots of old and new electronics around us every day, copper is readily available for scrap. If you look forward to making money through scrap copper metals, you should first learn to separate copper into #1 and #2 before heading to scrap yard to weigh and sell them. You should have a clear knowledge of what weight of copper you want to strip on a regular basis and if the work will be worth the expense.

What is the Different Scrap Wire Stripping Solutions?

The no-burning solution is the most popular solution for stripping copper wire. No burning is involved in this process of removing the insulation from the wire.
Using the sun is another method of stripping copper wire. During hand-stripping of wires, you can rely on heat from the sun to make the stripping process faster. You can also warm the wire in the oven by placing it inside a black box. Warming with heat will make the insulation softer and easier to remove with hand or razor blade.

The third method involves the use of a wire stripper machine. You should get a tabletop machine and familiarize yourself with it. The direction for stripping different sizes and types are clearly written on the machine or inside the manual. It also makes sense to have a separate container to collect the stripped insulator.

Methods for Stripping Scrap Copper Wire

Razor or Handheld Tool

You should consider the weight of the materials you are bringing in for stripping to help determine the best stripping method. You should strip wires that are thicker than your fingers or a pen to get more copper scraps. The razor and handheld tools are good for stripping less than 100 pounds of copper a month hence it is a cheaper investment when looking for a stripping tool. Put on hand gloves and strip the copper away from you to avoid accidents.

The Tabletop Wire Stripper

This is the idea striping option for stripping few hundreds of pounds of copper wires a month. This stripper is handy and affordable and you will get used to the machine within a few minutes.

Electric Wire Strippers

Electric wire strippers are the most suitable options for dealing with a bulk volume of copper wire. This motor-powered machine may be a bit expensive but it makes stripping a lot faster.
As mentioned earlier, it is important that you decide how much copper wires you want to sell for scrap before choosing the type of tool that is most appropriate. If unsure of what to do, you should start small with few pounds of copper scraps with handheld tools or razors and with an increase in demand, you can switch to more sophisticated tools like stripping machines and electric strippers. Please contact us at M&M Recycling to sell your copper scrap metal recycling.