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Scrap Metal Recycling in Peachtree City

Are you a business owner in Peachtree City renovating for the new year? Old equipment, tables, chairs, appliances, and even vehicles can take up a lot of space that could otherwise be used for profitable business ventures. Scrap metal recycling in Peachtree City is a great way to make room and cash at the same time. If you are interested to sell your scrap metal for cash, give M&M Recycling a call today. We have over 20 years of experience and pay competitive prices for scrap metal in Peachtree City. Take advantage of our premium pickup services today by calling one of our two scrap metal recycling facilities in Atlanta and Austell.

What Are Recyclable Metals?

Metals come in two primary categories: ferrous and non-ferrous. Ferrous metals are those that have some combination of iron and coal in them. The most popular ferrous metals include wrought iron, cast iron, steel metal, and steel alloy. These are generally heavy. Non-ferrous metals are those without iron and include metals such as zinc, lead, aluminum, tin, copper, and precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver.

While some Peachtree City scrap metal recycling facilities only accept one or the other, M&M Recycling is a scrap metal buyer that is proud to accept both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We are glad to take bundled metals that consist of a mixture of ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well. Give us a call today and ask about our prices as they fluctuate with the market daily.

Scrap Metal Buyers in Peachtree City, GA

What Is the Benefit of Scrap Metal Recycling in Peachtree City?

The benefit of recycling is clear: it prevents the waste of resources for the creation of new products. Just as recycling paper saves trees, recycling scrap metals saves ores. If not for recycled metals, new metal products would be created by mining metals from the ground and expending tons of energy to refine them. In fact, recycling metals uses up to 90 percent less energy than producing them from the raw materials.

Additionally, scrap metal recycling in Peachtree City adds to a multi-billion-dollar industry. In essence, recycling your scrap metals provides great benefit for the economy as well as the environment. But that is not all. Sell your scrap metal for cash! Not so often do you see win-win-win situations such as scrap metal recycling. Call M&M Recycling today to get involved.

Where Can I Find Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me?

Peachtree City scrap metal recycling has never been so accessible and smooth-flowing. M&M Recycling is proud to have two scrap metal recycling facilities in the area. Call one of our two facilities – one in Austell and one in Atlanta – to arrange for your scrap metals to be turned into cash today! We also offer premier pickup services for your convenience. We are dedicated to increasing the percent of scrap metals that are recycled. Currently, only thirty to forty percent of metals are recycled and we hope to raise that fraction significantly by the end of this decade.
Give us a call today to learn about how you can help make the world a better place for future generations to come and make money at the same time!