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What Should You Know About Recycling Old Appliances? 

What Should You Know About Recycling Old Appliances? 

Importance of Recycling Your Old Appliances
The majority of the items you want to dispose of in landfills can be recycled. If you have old appliances sitting down in your house and not doing anything but use space and collect dust, perhaps you should consider an upgrade. Once you install new appliances, you should think about getting rid of the old ones

The challenge of getting rid of old appliances can be daunting, but several options can make the disposal easier. You should consider getting rid and recycling appliances that are no longer working, those that have been recalled by manufacturers, those that are no longer complying with safety codes, and those having noticeable hazards such as broken seals, frayed cords, and smoke. Due to circumstances these appliances cannot be sold or donated and the only option you have is to dispose of them at landfills or recycle them if they qualify for recycling requirements.  
You may also have the option of selling these old appliances as scraps. In this case, you will need a junk removal company to get rid of the appliances.

Recycling Remains Your Best Option for Old Appliances

Recycling Your Old Appliances
Large appliances like the kitchen oven can be disposed of through recycling and in most cases, the recycling company ensures that each piece of the appliance gets broken down into metals, plastics, and other components. The scrap metals will get separated from plastics and hazardous electronic wastes during recycling. Everything that comes with your old appliances will be junked in a very responsible way when recycling.

The recycling process begins with manual dismantling before hazardous components are removed and disposed of. The recycler should be able to salvage all the reusable parts. The benefit of the recycling process is that it prevents a substantial amount of metals, plastic, and other re-usable parts from reaching landfills, hence there will be less demand for extracting and producing those salvaged recyclable parts again.  

With the costs of metals rising, and the value of appliance materials increasing, several manufacturing firms are accepting recycled items from old appliances and add them up to the newly produced items for vehicles, and home appliances.

What Type of Appliances Can You Recycle?
Not all junk or recycling companies will accept all appliances for recycling, you will still find recycling companies that will accept most of your home appliances. The commonest home appliances you can recycle include; Air conditioners, dryers, dishwashers, freezers, lawnmowers, refrigerators, stoves and ovens, washing machines, water heaters, microwaves, and trash compactors.
You should be aware of some components of these appliances that are not environmentally friendly. For instance, old refrigerators contain refrigerants that deplete the ozone layer, and these substances contribute to global warming when emitted. For this reason, the process of recycling appliances must be handled professionally by a reputable recycling company and according to recommended global standards. 
For more information on ways to recycle your old appliances, please contact us at M&M Recycling and we will be there to assist you in getting the most from your recycled appliances.