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Why Should You Clean Your Brass Scrap Metal?

Why Should You Clean Your Brass Scrap Metal?

Scrap metal recycling is becoming an increasingly popular way to make some quick cash while freeing up valuable real estate on your property. Recycling metals is also good for the national economy as well as the environment on a global scale. Why import metals from foreign countries when we have plenty available in our great nation? Why produce metals from scratch when recycling metals uses up to 90 percent less energy, protecting us from harmful air pollutants?

One of the most common recyclable metals is brass. Brass is a beautiful metal that is used for common household items such as doorknobs and bath fittings, but it is also durable and utilitarian. If you have brass that you would like to recycle, M&M Recycling has some suggestions that will help you get more money for your metals. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call M&M Recycling and speak with one of our friendly staff members today.

Separate the Different Types of Brass

Scrap metal recycling companies pay based on the type of metal that you have on hand. Mixed scrap metals often receive the least amount of money. This is why it is important that you sort your brass into different groups.

So, what are the types of brass? Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc with a yellow color to it, slightly similar to gold. The varying proportions of copper and zinc are what produce the broad range of brass types. Yellow brass is one of the most common scrap metals and can be found in joints of plumbing fixtures, bed frames, or light fixtures. Chrome brass is commonly found in sinks and is known for its shine. Finally, red brass has a high concentration of copper and is therefore more reddish in color. Red brass is more valuable than other brass types.

Clean Your Brass Scrap Metal

You will want to clean your brass scrap metal by removing contaminants, paint, insulation, and other coating if you want to raise the value of your recyclables. This will help you sort the brass into the types mentioned earlier and will also give your recyclables a higher grading. Scrap metal companies will pay more for clean scrap metals because it saves them the trouble of cleaning it themselves. Mindfully scraping off coatings and contaminants before tossing the metals into the pile will give you some extra cash.

Don’t Get Tricked into Receiving Less Money Than You Are Owed

Cleaning your brass scrap metal will help you identify the type of brass that you are recycling and calculate how much money you should receive for them. Before heading to the scrap metal recycling company’s facility, give them a call and ask them for the prices they pay for the certain types of brass. Knowing what price to expect beforehand will help you prepare for any tricks. Separate your brass into piles and head to the facility. Be sure to watch the weighing process. Respectable scrap metal recycling companies such as M&M Recycling will be fully transparent with their process.