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What Scrap Metal Can You Recycle This Summer?

What Scrap Metal Can You Recycle This Summer?

Scrap metal recycling is an amazing service to help the environment and make a profit from it. Every season has new opportunities for people who want to recycle certain metals. As summer is coming, these opportunities are significantly increasing. But what should we look to recycle during these times? Well, we are here to answer that. Throughout this article, we will go through scrap metals you can recycle this summer, such as old air conditioning units, grills, cans, and mowers, and how M&M Recycling can help. So, let’s start learning.

Old Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are one of the most commonly used items during summer, especially if you live in the South. They are amazing ways to cool down; therefore, many homeowners change their air conditioning units during the summer. If you can get a hold of some of these old units, you can make a great profit. These conditioners include some of the most valuable metal types for scrap metal companies, like copper, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Grills and Barbecues

Summers are also famous for the amazing entertainment for families and friends with grilled foods and fun games. Grills are another commonly used item during the summer season. People look at their grills, and if it is damaged or rusty, they buy a new one. Grills are also an amazing source of metals. Don't throw away your grill. Recycle it as scrap metal recycling companies will give you some money in exchange.


Aluminum cans can also be seen in so many places during summer. People buy cans of sprinkling water, coke, and even beer. Most likely, you have bought some of these as well, but did you know that you could make money from the empty cans as well? The cans are mainly made of aluminum, so they can easily be recycled. So, make sure to keep these cans in your recycle bin next time you find an empty can.

Lawn Mowers

We cut our grass a lot of times during summer. Just like in the previous sections, items like lawnmowers can break down, and people will easily replace them with new ones. Lawnmowers contain so many metals that scrap metal companies can easily recycle. So, if you find an old lawn mower, don’t hold back from trying to recycle them.

M&M Recycling, Your Trustworthy Scrap Metal Service

In this article, we went over some commonly used metals during summer that we can use to our advantage. This list is endless; however, as these are commonly seen items during this season, they can easily be recycled. With the right scrap metal company, advantages can’t be compared. Thankfully, M&M Recycling is here for you. With our professionals, dedication, and motivation, scrap metal recycling in Austell has never been easier. Call us today to learn more about us and our services or get more information on the metals that have the most value during summer. What are you waiting for? Call us now.