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What Happens to Scrap Metal After It’s Recycled?

What Happens to Scrap Metal After It’s Recycled?

You finally went through all your scrap metal and had it recycled. Whether you brought it to a scrap yard yourself or had our team at M&M Recycling bring it for you, you don’t know what happens to it after that. While you just wanted it gone from your sight, it would be interesting to know what happens to it after you’ve recycled it, right?
Do they melt it down all at once? Do they sort it and reuse it for other things? Do they keep it in-house or ship it elsewhere? These are all commons questions people have after they recycle their scrap metal, and today, we are going to answer your questions.

What happens to scrap metal after its recycled?
Now that your scrap metal is finally out of your shop or your home, it goes through 4 more steps before it’s repurposed. Depending on what type of metal you recycled, the process can vary but it’s usually very similar no matter what. Here’s what happens…

1.    Drop off
You’re obviously familiar with this step since you’re the one dropping it off, or you hired M&M Recycling to take it to the scrap yard for you. When it first enters the scrapyard, it’s sorted by type and weighed out. After this step is complete, you get paid! This is the only part of the process you are involved in. From here, it’s all the scrap yard!

2.    Delivery to smelter or furnace
Now that your scrap metal is sorted and ready to go, it makes its way to a smelter or metals furnace. This is when very high temperatures are applied to your metal to melt them down (typically thousands of degrees). 

3.    Molding
Once your scrap metal is fully melted down into a liquid state, they are then poured into multiple molds to create smaller bricks of solid metal, referred to as ingots. These metal bricks are then sold to old companies who will use them in production lines. 

4.    Production
After your ingots, or metal bricks, or sent out to different manufacturing plants, those plants will put your ingots into their production lines where they will be re-melted, and repurpose to create various items such as metal sheets, wire, piping, car parts, furniture, etc.
Why is recycling scrap metal beneficial?

By recycling your scrap metal, you are helping the environment more than you know. Metal has so many different uses, and by recycling your scraps, you are helping to reduce waste in our landfills. Metal can be melted down so many times and reused in so many different ways. 
While the process of recycling metal isn’t easy, you are helping to improve our planet and our environment more than you think, and you are helping to preserve it. 
Scrap metal is very valuable, so if you have a lot just sitting around, why not make some money on it? Not only are you earning a couple of extra dollars, but you’ll also be preserving our environment.

What’s better than that?!

If you have scrap metal that you are looking to recycle but you can’t get it to the scrap yard yourself, M&M Recycling is here to help! We offer a wide variety of services in terms of recycling, and we would be more than happy to recycle your scrap metal for you!