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What are the Most Valuable Sources of Scrap Metal?

What are the Most Valuable Sources of Scrap Metal?

It’s a fact that scrap metal recycling comes with many benefits. Alongside making money by selling valuable scrap metal to scrap metal buyers, recycling protects the environment, thereby helping to curb climate change. However, many people throw away valuable scrap metals without knowing that they can make money out of them and contribute to preserving the environment.

Whether you’re a scrap metal collector or just completed a construction project and you have a lot of scrap metal lying around your property, find "scrap metal buyers near me" and sell it to them.

However, you need to understand that not all scrap metals are created equal. Some are more valuable than others.

Let’s look at the most valuable scrap metals.

Copper—This is arguably the most valuable metal for scrap metal buyers because of its use in many manufacturing and industrial applications. Some of the places where you can find copper for recycling include construction sites, large demolition job sites, auctions, and cleanouts.
Brass –Brass is another precious metal that provides good value for scrap metal buyers. Some of the valuable sources of brass for recycling include junk shops, plumbing cleanouts, and auto shops.
Silver—Scrap metal buyers consider silver to be one of the most valuable scrap metals. You can find silver for recycling in vintage stores, jewelry makers, pawn stores, and local garages. If you have old jewelry made of silver, medals, or antique vases that you no longer use, you could make money by converting your silver scrap into cash.
Stainless Steel—Though stainless steel is somehow less valuable when compared to copper and brass, you could still make good money from stainless steel scrap. Some of the valuable sources of stainless steel scrap include machine shops, construction sites, demolition sites, warehouses, factories, and auctions.
Aluminum—While many people overlook aluminum, it’s one of the valuable scrap metals that provides a good return when recycled. If you have items such as bike frames, computers, gaming consoles, and soft drink cans that are lying around your property, you can collect them and sell them to scrap metal buyers. Some of the valuable sources of aluminum scrap metal are construction sites, electronic shops, auto stores, and junk shops.

What scrap metals cannot be recycled?

While most metals can be recycled, some cannot be recycled for various reasons. These include:

  • Uranium
  • Plutonium
  • Mercury
  • Lead

Where to find valuable scrap metals?

As we’ve already highlighted, you can find valuable scrap metals in local businesses, construction sites, junk shops, demolition and renovation sites, thrift shops, online stores dealing with scrap metals, scrap yards, and auctions. If you look around your house, you’ll realize that there are many types of metals that you can recycle and make money.

Where Can You Sell Scrap Metal?

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