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Understanding the Scrapyard Scales

Understanding the Scrapyard Scales

If you are looking to make space and get some money at the same time, then metal scrap recycling is a great option. Making room on your property and helping the environment and economy are wonderful benefits, but if you want to get the most money out of your scrap metals, then continue reading to get some insight on the scrap metal weighing process. Your friends at M&M Recycling are always happy to help and buy your scrap metals. Call us today to learn about our current prices and learn about our pickup services.

Know About Pricing

All metals are not equal. Obviously, gold is going to get you more money than some copper. But there are also some not-so-obvious pricing truths. For instance, you will likely get more money for copper than for wired copper. This is because the task of stripping wires from the copper is time-consuming and scrapyards are ready to pay extra if you have done that job yourself. However, it can sometimes be that stripping the wires is not a good use of your time. So, call and ask about prices before you start toiling away. You don’t want to spend hours stripping wires only to make one cent more per pound of copper.

Prices Fluctuate

The metals market is a volatile one. The price of each metal changes by the minute, but most scrapyards don’t change their prices that frequently. Rather, they might update prices daily or hourly. Still, it is good to know that prices fluctuate so that you are not shocked. Knowing the market will help you know when to sell your metals. When you call to ask about scrap metal pricing, be sure to ask about how often they update their pricing so that you do not miss out on a great price. You might even be able to lock in a price if the scrapyard owner is courteous.

Know How the Scale at the Scrapyard Works

You do not want to get ripped off for your scrap metal, so you might be paying close attention to the numbers on the scale. Before you call foul play and throw your fists, however, you should know how the scale at the scrapyard works. The number you see on the scale is the gross weight. This gross weight includes the weight of the truck, box, or bucket as well as the metal inside. To get the actual weight of the metals, or the net weight, then you have to subtract the weight of the truck, box, or bucket. You get your payment based on the net weight, not the gross weight.

Of course, you should stay vigilant and watch as the weighing process plays out. Make sure the scale starts at zero and that your metals are being classified properly.

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