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Recycling Sustains Manufacturing

Recycling Sustains Manufacturing

Recycling is not only a healthy practice for the environment, but it also provides a steady supply of raw materials for the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing companies use scrap metals to make a wide range of items including household appliances, automobiles, aeronautical and aerospace equipment, window frames, bicycles, bed frames, and bridges.

Thousands of manufacturing companies in the U.S. and around the world are now engaged in metal recycling to keep their costs low while conserving the environment. A study conducted by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries shows that 70% of materials processed by the recycling industry in the U.S. are used in manufacturing new items.

Some of the metals that are frequently recycled and used for manufacturing purposes include steel, aluminum, copper, brass, silver, and titanium. Once these materials have been processed, manufacturing companies would then purchase and include them in their production line.

Manufacturing companies use recycled steel to make things like car parts, industrial machinery, appliances, buildings, cans and much more. 

Recycled aluminum is used to make doors, windows, car parts, aircraft parts, and cans while recycled brass is often used for plumbing, bearings, doorknobs, keys and medical applications.

Using recycled metal for manufacturing, significantly reduces the consumption of natural resources and energy.

What Are the Benefits of Using Recycled Metals for Manufacturing?

Consistent quality: Unlike plastic and paper, most metals can be recycled hundreds of times without loss of strength and quality. Manufacturing companies can continually recycle different types of metals, and they will retain their properties. 

Economic benefits: Using recycled materials for manufacturing is a cost-effective option when compared to producing new metals. Manufacturing companies can cut down on costs by using recycled metals.

In a wider sense, most manufacturing companies have come to rely on recycled metals to remain operational and this helps to preserve jobs and create new job opportunities.

The scrap metal recycling industry supports more than 500, 000 jobs across the U.S and generates a revenue of more than $117 billion.

Environmental benefits: Using recycled metals in manufacturing is an essential part of a global sustainability strategy. Scrap metal recycling keeps scrap metals out of the landfill and reduces greenhouse emissions that are produced during production of new metal. 

Bottom Line

The benefits of scrap metal recycling are endless for manufacturing companies, the economy and the environment. Scrap metal recycling has always sustained the global manufacturing supply chain and it has enabled manufacturers to continue making their products without worrying about metal supply.

If you need another incentive for recycling scrap metals, doing so is an easy way to generate additional income.

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