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How To Dispose of Bullets and Recycle Brass Shell Casings

How To Dispose of Bullets and Recycle Brass Shell Casings

If you’re a firearm enthusiast, you probably have old, unusable bullets and brass shell casings that you no longer need. Certainly, you don’t want to stockpile unusable ammunition. While brass shell casings can be recycled, bullets are not recyclable because they fall into the category of explosives.

So how do you get rid of ammunition while ensuring you’re not harming the environment or creating explosive hazards?

Disposing of ammunition can be tricky because it can be dangerous to handle and process. Bullets and brass shell casings are categorized under explosives, so they must be handled properly to avoid explosions and environmental damage. If you do a quick Google search on what to do with unusable ammunition, you’ll get tons of recommendations for disposing of bullets and brass shell casings. Some of these recommendations can be misleading.

At M&M Recycling, we’ve compiled some of the options available to you if you find yourself with old, unusable bullets and brass shell casings. 

  • Contact Your Local Police

For bullets you no longer need, call your local police and ask if they accept ammunition. Some local police stations accept bullets in smaller quantities. Even if they may not be taking ammunition, they can give suggestions on where to take it.

  • Hazardous Waste Collection Centers

Another place to check is your local waste management department. Most local waste management departments have a drop-off location for hazardous waste. While most of them do not accept hazardous waste on a regular basis, they may have specific dates when they accept drop-offs. It would be a good idea to call them beforehand to find out if they accept ammunition.

  • Call A Gun Range

Some local gun ranges accept smaller quantities of ammunition. Just do a quick Google search to find the gun ranges in your locality and call them to find out if they accept ammunition. You can also call local gun stores to see if they accept bullets and brass shell casings.

  • Recycle Your Brass Shell Casings

While recycling brass shell casings is not as simple as recycling plastics, scrap metal recycling centers have facilities for recycling hazardous waste in a safe manner. If you have bullets and brass shell casings that you want to take off your hands, find a top-paying scrap metal buyer that accepts ammunition and drop it off in their location.

How Not To Dispose Of Ammunition

Do not bury bullets or brass shell casings in the ground. The lead found in bullets can seep into water sources and cause environmental damage. Lead exposure can cause anemia, kidney damage, and brain disorders. Another thing you should never do is toss ammunition in the trash. This can be incredibly dangerous when the ammunition ends up in the garbage truck.

As a firearm enthusiast, it's important that you dispose of unwanted ammunition carefully and properly for the sake of the wellbeing of you, others, and the environment.

If you're looking for top-paying scrap metal buyers in Thomaston, call M&M Recycling.