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How Are Cars Recycled?

How Are Cars Recycled?

Many car owners do not have an idea of what happens to a car when it reaches the end of its life cycle. Most of them dump their no longer functioning vehicles in their homes, garages, and junkyards and let the vehicles just sit there. When a vehicle has made it past its life cycle, up to 90% of its parts can be removed and reused.

So, exactly how are cars recycled?

How The Recycling Process Works

Step 1: Inspection

The car recycling process starts with a detailed inspection of the car to see if recycling the car is profitable.

Step 2: Depollution

The recycling facility drains all fluids (gasoline, coolant, oil, brake fluid, and more) and hazardous materials to ensure they are properly disposed of. Draining fluids makes vehicles safer to be recycled.

Step 3: Dismantling

After all the fluids have been drained, the next step is to dismantle the vehicle to remove valuable parts. Most car owners don’t realize how many parts can be recycled. Some of the useable car parts that can be scrapped and recycled include car engine, stereo system, tires, batteries, axles, seats, and catalytic converters.

Step 4: Crushing and Shredding

Once all the functional parts that can be recycled are removed, the vehicle is crushed and torn apart into small pieces by huge shredders. The small pieces are channeled through a grate onto conveyor belts whereby ferrous metals are separated from non-ferrous metals by the use of magnets.

Step 5: Mixing Metals Together

The scrap metal obtained from the car is mixed with other metals to strengthen the scrap metal, after which it’s sent to scrap metal manufacturers to be used in producing new car frames.

Recycling your car is an eco-friendly way to make additional income and comes with many other benefits. Apart from helping to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the environment, recycling conserves energy and creates jobs in the recycling industry.

Interested in Recycling an Old Car? Get in Touch with A Nearby Scrap Metal Recycling Facility

Having an old car sitting on your property not only takes up your valuable space, but it can also become an eyesore. If you have an old car which you no longer want, you should sell it to a scrap metal recycling facility that accepts old cars and have it recycled.

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