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Eight Things About Scrap Yards You Should Know

Eight Things About Scrap Yards You Should Know

Scrap yards play an indispensable role in breathing new life into scrap metal. However, most people perceive scrap yards to be a dumpster amassing discarded cars, mounds of rusted metals, and other materials. In fact, there are many other misconceptions about scrap yards that are making rounds on the internet. The truth is, scrap yards play a vital role in protecting the environment and putting more cash in the pockets of scrap metal sellers.

Here are some of the most things about scrap yards that you should know: 

What Is a Scrap Yard?

A scrap yard is a scrap metal recycling facility that collects scrap metals from individuals and businesses and converts them into usable scrap metals.

What Type of Metals Do Scrap Yards Deal With?

Scrap yards deal with a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, old vehicles, and electronics.

What Will Your Scrap Yard Not Take?

Scrap yards may not accept certain items such as radioactive waste of any kind and materials containing asbestos and CFCs. Most scrap yards list the scrap metals they accept and those they do not accept on their websites. So it’s advisable to check what a scrap yard will take and what they will not take so that you are well informed.

What Is the Process of Recycling Scrap Metal at A Scrap Yard?

This process starts with the collection of scrap metal which is sorted and then shredded into pieces. The shredded pieces are melted in a furnace, and impurities are removed. The melted metals are solidified and delivered to manufacturing facilities.

How Is Price Determined in A Scrap Yard?

Some of the factors that determine the value of scrap metal include the type of metal, weight, and current market value. Ferrous metals like steel and cast iron are valued a little bit lower than non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminum, and zinc. You can negotiate for a better price if you have a large quantity of scrap metal to sell. The current market value of scrap metal is based on the supply and demand of scrap metal.

How Much Money Can You Make from Scrap Metal?

This will depend on several factors, including the type of metal you are selling, the condition of the metals, quantity, and the market price.

Do You Need Proof of Ownership When Selling Scrap Metal to Scrap Yards?

You'll be required to provide proof of ownership in order to sell certain types of scrap metal such as old vehicles and air conditioning components. If you are not sure if you need proof of ownership when selling scrap metal, find out from your scrap yard. 

Who Do Scrap Yards Sell To?

Scrap yards usually sell recycled scrap metal to refineries that reprocess the metal back to a usable state or manufacturing companies that require scrap metals.

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