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For dumpster, container, and large loads please call 404-234-9401 and 404-964-5124.

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Differences Between Brass Vs. Bronze Vs. Copper

Differences Between Brass Vs. Bronze Vs. Copper

Brass, bronze, and copper belong to a category of metals called "red metals" because of their obvious reddish color. Differentiating between the three can be a bit hard truly because they look a lot like each other. However, if you are a person who is new to the scrap metal recycling industry, knowing the individual characteristics of each of the metals can be beneficial for you in the future when you start scraping metals. In this article, we are going to cover some of the properties of each of them and how M&M Recycling can help.


The primary component of brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Different amounts of zinc or other metals can be added to brasses. Lead is also added in small percentages, which is crucial for the machinability of brass. The strength and ductility of the material are increased by adding more zinc. With various combinations in different percentages, the way the brass looks will be different. Brass isn’t a ferrous metal, so this property makes it easier for it to be differentiated before the recycling process. Compared to copper, it is more malleable.


Bronze is much older compared to brass. Bronze is harder, has a greater melting point, is more suitable for decorations, and is excellent corrosion resistant. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. In small percentages, it also includes manganese, aluminum, nickel, and silicon. In addition to its composition difference, bronze is different than brass and copper in their application. As it has a high corrosion resistance, it makes it suitable for plumbing pipes. Due to their conductivity, they are also amazing metal types used in many electronics. Learn more about their properties by calling M&M Recycling today.


Unlike the two other materials, copper is very simple in its composition. It is made of raw copper and oxygen. In very high temperatures, they combine the two elements, and this results in one of the most used metals of today. One of the most common characteristics of copper is its conductivity. Due to this conductivity, copper is used in many electronic devices and materials in buildings. Although copper dates back decades back, it is found much later than bronze. If you would like to learn more about the properties and uses of copper, call a reliable scrap metal company today. But where can you find one?

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