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For dumpster, container, and large loads please call 404-234-9401 and 404-964-5124.

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4 Tests to Identify Metal Properties

4 Tests to Identify Metal Properties

If you are a scrap metal recycling business seller, knowing some of the essential basics of scrap metals might be quite important and beneficial for you. These basics include the properties of metals, their estimated prices, and common industries that use them. In this article, we will cover some of the methods professionals use to determine the properties of metals.

Corrosion Test

This is one of the most popular tests in which metal can withstand several factors that cause corrosion, including humidity, high temperature, and moisture. This test is important because corrosion causes a bad appearance on the surface of the metals, decreases the lifespan of the metal, and a large amount of money is wasted. This test is usually performed in a highly corrosive environment in Salt Spray Chambers. Metals are put inside these chambers and observed for corrosive activity.

Magnet Test

This quick and accurate method distinguishes ferrous metals from non-ferrous ones. It is quite easy to perform; everyone with a magnet can do it. Grab a piece of magnet and hold it close to the item that you are testing for. If the magnet sticks to it, it has ferrous; if it doesn't stick, that means it's non-ferrous. Of course, many metals are made with alloys that mix types of metals. So, the item you're holding close to the metal can have degrees of ferrous metal. The stronger the magnetic attraction between the magnet and metal, the higher the metal's ferrous content.

Sparks Test

If you've ever been to a workshop or a construction, chances are you have seen the sparks produced as a professional grind metal on an abrasive wheel. Even though they look pretty similar, the sparks of different metals are different. Of course, mainly professionals can make that distinction, but they look for three main qualities: spark's color, length, and form. This method is a great way to distinguish different metals from one another, but not all metals produce sparks. Because of their softness and thermal conductivity, metals like copper, brass, or aluminum do not spark.

Chip Test

A chip test is also a good option for identifying an unknown object. In this test, a cold, sharp chisel is used to remove a sample from the main piece of metal. The removed material can be continuous strips, brittle chips, or metal can be very hard for the chips to come out. Depending on the result, the interpretation is usually made. For example, aluminum and malleable iron are easily chipped; gray cast iron forms brittle chips, and in steel with high carbon content, the chips are quite hard to acquire.

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