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For dumpster, container, and large loads please call 404-234-9401 and 404-964-5124.

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A Guide to Recycling Electric Motors

A Guide to Recycling Electric Motors

Although the electric motor term isn’t usually associated with regular household applications, many devices in your house have electric motors. This means that when the lifespan of these devices is over, you don’t have to throw them away. Instead, you can make something useful of them and give these items to a scrap metal company for scrap metal recycling. This way, you can make extra cash while helping the environment. So, what are some devices that have electric motors? Computers, fridges, washing machines, electric fans, and microwaves all include electric motors. To give these items to a scrap metal company, you should first know how to recycle your metal. So, we have made this guide for you, so you are prepared for your recycling experience.

What Is an Electrical Motor?

An electrical device that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy is called an electric motor. This type of motor uses a magnetic field. The main categories for these types of motors are AC and DC. The difference is that DC uses direct current as the input while AC motor uses alternating current.

The Process

Typically, it is essential to separate different types of metals into categories before going to the recycling company. However, most the electrical motors include parts with various metals, so it may be hard to categorize them. When it comes to pricing, the most crucial factor is copper. Since many industries require copper for its features, its demand is increasing daily. Knowing this, many people try to get rid of every copper component of their motors. However, this job can be highly detailed and take a significant amount of time. Even worse, many people don’t know that the copper inside these motors is usually not the best copper wire but actually is the wire that worth less. So, they may not get the amount they are expecting for the copper. Instead of picking out every component of the motor, here’s what you should do. 

When picking the motor apart, ensure not to get too detailed regarding delicate parts. Most likely, you will see an insulated metal part when you first see inside the motor, and you can cut these wires because they don’t need too much attention to detail. The cables you cut may be copper or aluminum. Based on its color, you can separate the two types of wires and put the rest of the motor in another category.

Reliable Scrap Metal Company

If you are new to the whole concept of scrap metal recycling, you may not know that choosing the right and reliable scrap metal company is one of the essential parts of the process. You would want the company to take the burden from you and a place where it is easy to sell the metal. Luckily, we know the place that fits these criteria- M&M Recycling. We are ready to help you with your income and like the process of recycling easier for you. We take a variety of metals and take great pride in our work. Call us today to learn more about our prices.