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Where Does Scrap Metal Go From The Scrap Yard?

Where Does Scrap Metal Go From The Scrap Yard?

Ever wondered where scrap metal goes after dropping it off in the scrap yard? You’re not alone. Many people seek to know what happens to scrap metal once it’s dropped off in the scrap yard.

Let’s take a look at what happens to scrap metal once it arrives in the scrap yard.


Once scrap metal is dropped off in a scrap yard, the scrappers start with sorting the metals into like groups. The scrappers also disassemble vehicles and large appliances to separate metals from non-metal components. This process not only makes things easier for the scrappers, but it ensures non-metal items do not end up in the mix. 


The next step is to clean the scrap metals to remove dirt and contaminants that may lower the value of the scrap. Although most people tend to clean their scrap metals before dropping them in scrap yards, some of them are covered in dirt, paint, adhesives, and other waste products that need to be removed.

Recycling and Repurposing

After cleaning, some metals are sold to individuals and companies where they are reused for various projects. Other scrap metals are melted down into a liquid state and poured into molds to create ingots. The ingots are sold to companies for use in the production of various items such as sheet metal, piping, wires, food containers, and many more. Some larger items such as cars and large appliances may be fixed and sold directly.

This is basically what happens to scrap metal once it’s out of your hands, though the process may be a bit different depending on the type and value of the metal. As you can see, the beauty of recycling scrap metal is that it reduces the amount of waste we send to landfills and reduces the demand on our natural resources. If you're wondering whether you should recycle your scrap metal, just remember that recycling makes the world greener and helps you to make additional income.

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