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What Will Your Scrap Yard Not Take?

What Will Your Scrap Yard Not Take?

The best thing about metal is that it can be recycled over and over again and doesn’t lose any of its original properties. That’s why recycling metal is especially important- it ends the need to reproduce raw materials and, this way, preserves Earth’s resources and conserves energy. That’s why many scrap yards have a wide variety of accepted metals when it comes to recycling them. You can recycle iron, aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin, titanium, zinc, and alloys such as brass. However, there are also certain items your scrap metal company will probably not accept. If you are new to scrap metal recycling, you should know the list of these items; this way, you aren’t faced with any unexpected situations when you go to the scrap yard.

Non-Metal Items

Although it’s right there in the name, many people make the mistake of bringing certain non-metal items to the scrap yard. Some of the common ones are tires, fiberglass, roofing, and insulation material.

Radioactive Material

The biggest red flag when it comes to metal recycling is radioactive material. Radioactive and hazardous materials should never be recycled to the same standards as metals. That’s because if a scrap yard melts any radioactive metal without knowing, it will end up contaminating the rest of the metal, the equipment that is used during the recycling process. Additionally, it has very serious health side effects, including nausea, diarrhea, hair loss, nervous system damage, severe immune system problems, and can even cause death. So, recycling radioactive material directly puts the workers of the yard at risk. That’s why any radioactive metal should always be handled with special care and a set of procedures. While scrapping, if you are uncertain whether a metal is contaminated with radioactive material or not, it is a better idea to leave it or to ask professionals; the risk just isn’t worth it.

Gas Cylinders

Another thing your scrap yard won’t take is compressed gas cylinders. Because they are made of aluminum, you may assume that it’s alright to recycle them. However, the contents of a gas cylinder are usually explosive or hazardous, so they can be risky to recycle.

Air Bags

Since cars are a big source of scrap metal, many people try to recycle all the portions, one of them being airbags which obviously aren’t metal. However, in addition to not being suitable for recycling, they can also be dangerous because the chemical that essentially makes up the bag is called sodium azide, and it is toxic. So, the airbags explode during recycling, and worse, they contaminate the rest of the metal.


Finally, although explosives do have major metallic content, they pose a serious risk in scrap yards, so bringing them to scrap yards isn’t a good idea. 

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