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The Most Profitable Scrap Metal Items

The Most Profitable Scrap Metal Items

As the country returns to normal after the pandemic, most people have taken their metal to scrap metal buyers, making huge profits. The current value of the scrap metal industry is $30.1 billion, and it is expected to grow across the United States. If you are conducting a decluttering exercise, you may have some items that fetch a reasonable price, and we can help take them off your hands. Rather than throwing all your junk in the dumpster, you should consider consulting a scrap metal recycling professional or reputable buyer to ensure you get a good deal.

At M&M Recycling, we have a highly-trained team of experienced experts ready to help you turn your scrap metal waste into profit. Most people usually sell their metals at a throw-away price simply because they don't know the value of what they have, and that's why we have come up with the following list of quite profitable metals.


Copper consistently generates high value, making it the most valuable scrap metal. It has high demand and is quite versatile, so scrap metal buyers are willing to buy copper at a high price. Copper is usually found in plumbing fixtures like sinks, pipes, electrical wiring, and items with electromagnetic properties. If you are tearing a part of your home for remodeling, you will likely find copper in the rubble. Different grades of copper fetch different prices, and most scrap metal buyers recommend removing insulation before the sale.

Stainless Steel

This standard metal doesn't fetch as much as copper, but it is easily accessible and found in large volumes, allowing you to make significant profit nevertheless. There are numerous sources of stainless steel, from cloth hangers, old car parts, pipes, kitchen equipment, refrigerators, and many more.


Aluminum may not fetch much money per pound, but its widespread availability makes it a lucrative metal to sell. This metal is highly sought-after because it uses 95% less energy when recycling than producing aluminum from the source. Many industries use aluminum, so it's easy to find in various products. Some sources of aluminum include bicycle frames, soda cans, siding, gutters, and outdoor furniture.


It would help if you were keen as you sought your scrap metal to ascertain the precise value. Brass is not as available as stainless steel or aluminum, but it can be found in many areas of your household. You may discover brass in items like doorknobs, bedsprings, trophies, hinges, and plumbing fixtures like dishwashers. Its unavailability makes scrap metal buyers purchase it at a higher price, depending on the purity level. Most of the time, brass is mixed with aluminum, copper, and zinc, which can affect the price.

We aim to help you eliminate metallic waste efficiently and effectively while turning a profit where necessary. We guarantee quality waste management solutions at competitive market rates. Contact us at M&M Recycling, and schedule a consultation with our experts.