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Replacing Your Refrigerator? Consider Recycling

Replacing Your Refrigerator? Consider Recycling

You love your refrigerator — at least, you loved it until it stopped working. Now you're wondering how to get rid of an old refrigerator and whether or not you should recycle it. There are some things to keep in mind and places to consider when getting rid of your old fridge. M&M Recycling is an eco-conscious company with decades of experience. We'll happily assess the value of your refrigerator and remove and dispose of any hazardous material. Stick with a scrap metal company built on a solid reputation.

What Can You Do With Your Old Refrigerator?

When your refrigerator fails, you have to replace it. But before you do, consider recycling your old refrigerator.

Refrigerators are made of a variety of materials and contain many toxic chemicals. When an old refrigerator is thrown away, it can get into the local landfill and pollute water supplies.

When you've outgrown your refrigerator, it may be time to replace it. But before you do, consider recycling your old fridge. You can donate it to charity, sell it or even pay someone to haul away your old appliance.

Does Your Refrigerator Still Work?

If your refrigerator still works, consider donating it to charity or selling it on Craigslist. Many organizations accept used appliances for free or a small fee (often around $10). Some charities may even come to pick up your old appliance for free if they have room in their vehicle. A quick search online will reveal dozens of groups that accept donations like this. You could also sell the appliance on Craigslist or at a garage sale if you don’t want to donate it or take up space in storage until someone else wants it.

Are You Replacing It With a New Refrigerator?

If you are replacing your old refrigerator with a new one, then recycling is easy — just take the old one to any appliance store or home improvement store and ask them if they will accept it for recycling. Many places offer this service for free as part of their environmental commitment when you purchase a new refrigerator from them. Some charge a small fee for pickup and disposal of appliances that still work but don't meet current safety regulations.

How To Recycle a Refrigerator

There are a few things that need to be done before you can recycle your old refrigerator:

  • Remove all the food from the inside. If it has any stains or smells, clean it thoroughly before placing it on the curb for pick up.
  • Remove all drawers, shelves, doors, and shelves from the inside. You may also want to take out the light bulb if it is not LED or fluorescent.
  • Take off any handles or locks that may be attached to your refrigerator. It's best if these objects are removed before placing them outside.
  • Make sure there are no hazardous materials hidden inside, such as freon gas or other chemicals that could leak into the atmosphere when damaged during the transportation or disposal process.

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If your refrigerator is on its last legs, or you are replacing it with a new model, you might be curious about how to dispose of it. Fortunately, the answer may be as simple as recycling it. Your fridge has several different components, each of which can have separate uses and therefore merit separate recycling. M&M Recycling can help you navigate the best option for your particular circumstances for scrap metal recycling.