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Recycling Auto Parts

Recycling Auto Parts

It goes without saying that recycling is good for the environment as it helps us to reduce carbon emissions, conserve natural resources, and reduce air pollution. Moreover, recycling comes with economic benefits and creates jobs in the recycling and manufacturing industry.

With the push for sustainability getting stronger every day, everyone is called upon to do everything they can to keep recyclable items out of the landfills and reduce our impact on the planet.

Among the items that take up the most space in landfills are old cars and auto parts. Most vehicle owners consider old cars to be worthless, so they simply dump them in their garages when they reach the end of their life cycle.

But the truth is, cars are made up of many valuable parts that can be recycled.

Below Are Some of the Auto Parts That Can Be Recycled

  • Engine Oil

Recycling your used engine oil is one of the most environmentally beneficial things you can do as a car owner. Contrary to what many car owners believe, engine oil doesn't become too old to work with an engine. It only gets dirty, so it can be cleaned professionally and reused. Disposing of used engine oil improperly can contaminate the environment. It’s best to take used engine oil to a reliable oil collection centre where it can be recycled.

  • Scrap Metal

Metal components such as door handles, aluminum rims, and headlight bezels constitute a huge portion of a vehicle’s total mass. Nearly every metal part from a vehicle can be recycled. If you have scrap metal obtained from your vehicle, you can sell them to scrap metal buyers and make additional income. At M&M Recycling, we accept a wide range of scrap metals, including metal car parts, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, radiators, appliances, aluminum cans, and more.

  • Car Tires

The harmful effects of car tires are not limited to leaching heavy metals into the environment and the use of fossil fuels. Discarded tires have the potential for tire fires and end up in landfills. This makes recycling car tires even more essential. You can sell old tires to nearby tire recycling centers. Just perform a simple Google search and you’ll find a reputable tire recycling center that accepts old tires.

  • Starters and Alternators

These are a great source of scrap copper and steel, and scrap metal buyers normally pay good prices for them. You can sell starters and alternators in local scrap metal recycling facilities and salvage yards.

  • Auto Glass

Most automotive safety glasses end up in the landfill. Luckily, there are many automotive glass recycling centers that have been started to help vehicle owners recycle auto glass.

Other auto parts that you can recycle easily include plastic components, oil filters, car engines, car mats and carpets, and car batteries.

Whether you have an old, unusable vehicle taking up space in your garage or reusable auto parts that you want to dispose of, look for a reputable scrap metal recycling facility or a car junkyard and sell the parts to them.

If you’re looking for scrap metal buyers that pay top prices for scrap metal, look no further than M&M Recycling.