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How to Make Money Scrapping an Old Car

How to Make Money Scrapping an Old Car

Recycling scrap metal is good for the environment and a great way to make some quick cash. If you have an old, broken down car sitting on your property just taking up space, then consider scrapping it for cash. Remember, though, that there is a science to scrapping. You can drop off the old car as is at M&M Recycling but if you want to make the most money, then you are going to have to put in some work. In this short article brought to you by M&M Recycling, we will go over some tips on how to make the most money scrapping an old car. You are always welcomed to call us to consult with a professional and get our current prices upfront.

Making the Most Cash

Naturally, the more work you do, the more cash you can make. If you want to maximize your returns, then it is important that you break down the car into parts. This is because scrapyards generally pay less for “mixed metals” than they do for specific metals. This is true at M&M Recycling as well. If you isolate the metal parts and clean out the car of non-recyclables, then you can sell the scrap metals specifically. Here are some steps to take to make the most cash scrapping your old car.

Drain Fluids

Cars have plenty of fluids that is of no value to a scrapyard. These fluids include motor oil, brake fluid, wiper fluid, radiator fluid, transmission fluid, and more. One of the first steps in preparing your car for recycling is removing these fluids. Be sure to review your local and state government’s regulations as they likely have laws and rules on how to remove and dispose those vehicle fluids.

Clean Out the Interior

Your old car is not completely metal. There are plenty of plastic and fabric parts in the interior of your vehicle that are rarely accepted by scrap yards. Seats, carpets, and the dashboard are just some parts that should be cleaned out. Take them out carefully because, though scrap yards are unlikely to buy these parts, you might be able to reuse them or sell them online for some extra cash if they are in good condition.
Radiators and batteries are also parts that will likely not be accepted by the scrap dealer. Still, they may be recyclable at certain facilities. They should be removed and disposed in accordance with your local or state government’s laws.

Remove Parts

Break the car down into its base components to get the most money for the parts. There are copper wires all around the car from the dashboard to the lights. Remove these and keep them in a specific place. Spark plugs, carburetors, distributor caps, air filters, and similar parts are also recyclable. The trunk and hood can also be removed and sold as-is to mechanics or scrap yards. Finally, remove the engine if you have to experience and equipment. We do not recommend anyone attempt to remove the engine without proper tools and experience.