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How to Dispose of Televisions

How to Dispose of Televisions

With technological advancements, the expectations from manufacturers and consumers also change. Since inappropriate disposal of certain items and landfills is becoming a major problem for Earth, many countries are looking for ways to dispose of these items correctly. So, there are sets of new rules and procedures that consumers must follow strictly. Since TVs are also in the electronics category, simply putting your broken or old TV in the trash bin is not the solution. Therefore, we will review how you can dispose of your old or broken TV correctly.

Throwing It Away Isn’t An Option

Most TVs contain dangerous chemicals to health and so can’t be disposed of in a regular manner. Most garbage pickup companies won’t pick them up, so throwing them into your garbage bin isn’t even an option. These harmful parts in the TVs must be handled professionally, which isn’t something regular garbage pickup companies do.

Donating Your TV

Donating is a good option if you are getting rid of your TV simply because it’s old. It’s great that you have a new TV, but someone will be very grateful to have your old one. However, you should ensure that everything is working with your TV because giving a half-broken TV to someone else in need isn’t nice behavior. Start by asking your family if they know anyone who needs a TV and asks your friends too. If they don’t know, you can call your local charity organizations; they will probably find someone easily. Other places where you can donate include homeless shelters, public schools, and local thrift stores.

Manufacturers and Retailers

Sometimes manufacturers of these types of electronics are willing to take them back and recycle them themselves. So, you can call the manufacturer to see if they offer any service like this. In addition to manufacturers, certain retailers are also willing to recycle e-waste. Some even offer to pick it up from your home. If you bought your TV from one of the larger retailers, that’s a good possibility. Therefore, you can speak to their representatives about their policy.

E-Waste Recycling Facilities

As we mentioned, TVs can’t be recycled like other items due to their potentially hazardous components. So, a special facility should handle these toxic parts. However, there are also amazing parts in the TV that can be recycled and used many times. So, a TV can be recycled; they just need to go through a set of special procedures. E-waste recycling facilities are equipped places where you can drop off your old TV to be recycled. It’s one of the most environmentally beneficial options. All you need to do is to check the e-waste recycling facilities around your area and speak to one of the representatives.

The Right Company

At M&M Recycling, we know the importance of appropriately disposing of e-waste. Therefore, as a scrap metal company, one of our main goals is to help the environment the best way we can. With our modern tools and experienced professionals, we will do our best to make your scrap metal recycling journey as comfortable as possible. If you want to learn what kind of items and metals we accept in our facilities, call us today and schedule your appointment.