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For dumpster, container, and large loads please call 404-234-9401 and 404-964-5124.

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Can You Sell Old Appliances For Their Value In Scrap Metal?

Can You Sell Old Appliances For Their Value In Scrap Metal?

Almost anything made of metal can be recycled. This means that loose scrap metal, tools, devices, appliances, automobiles, electrical gadgets, and much more can be recycled when they don’t work anymore. As you might already know, by recycling scrap metal, you will have an additional source of income while helping the earth. The most important thing to understand as a scrapper is knowing which items and metal types are worth putting energy into seeking. In this article, we will talk about the most important points when you are planning to recycle your old appliances.

Which Appliances Are Worth Scrapping and Which Are Not?

Unfortunately, not every single appliance is suitable for recycling. Sometimes, the amount of effort to remove and separate certain appliances isn’t worth it for the scrap yards. Most of the time, recycling large pieces such as dishwashers, stoves, refrigerators, and washing machines is an excellent choice. However, other appliances like mixers, microwaves, and toasters aren’t worth scrapping.

  • Fans

Many people don’t know that different kinds of fans can be recycled. Even though many scrap buyers accept most of these fans, ideally, the ones that are made of metal. Additionally, any other small appliances that are motorized and have fans, such as leaf blowers, computers, and hair dryers, can also be recycled.

  • Dishwashers/Washing Machines/Dryers

As we mentioned before, the ideal appliances for scrapping are the ones that are large and contain large amounts of metal inside them. Especially dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers are great choices for scrapping since they have a decent amount of metal inside them. Some people are hesitant to bring the older models of these dishwashers and washing machines. However, most of these appliances at the time were made for longevity. This way, the content they have to include significantly more durable metals. Since durability is a factor that many industries seek out, those metals cost more money. So, the older and heavier your appliances are, your chances of getting a better price increase.

  • Stoves

Stoves are also another appliance that is integral to many of our lives. Today, stoves come in so many models and features. However, a lot of people still opt for the classical ones, which have good metal content. So, they are one of the good choices for recycling kitchen appliances. Of course, the price you will be paid will depend on the size and weight of the stove.

If You Have Decided To Sell Your Old Appliances, Here’s Your Next Address

Many of us have old appliances in our homes that need to be replaced after some time. When this happens, the question of "What am I going to do with the old appliances?" arises. Luckily, just like any other metal components, your appliances are also recyclable. If you are in search of a reliable scrap metal company, call the representatives of M&M Recycling. We are one of the top-paying companies in Atlanta and accept a wide variety of metals. Call us today to learn more and to schedule your appointment.