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Can Iron Be Recycled?

Can Iron Be Recycled?

Iron is the ancestor of all ferrous metals and is a base metal that is believed to be around for more than 5000 years now. It is found on its own but can be used in making various metal alloys, especially steel. It has the ferromagnetic ability, which means it can attach to magnets and is a great conductor of heat and electricity. It’s the second most frequently found metal in the world, and most of it is used in making steel. There are two types of iron: wrought and cast. Cast iron is melted, poured into molds, and allowed to cool, while wrought iron is heated first and then worked on. Cast iron tends to be hard and non-malleable, so when it bends, it tends to break. However, wrought iron is very malleable, and unlike cast iron, it gains strength as it is worked on and has very high tensile strength.


One of the best things about iron is that it can be recycled infinitely. This means that by using the existing iron in the world, companies don’t have to look for iron sources; this way, depletion of the metal sources will not occur, which is both financially beneficial and friendly to the environment. Although, indeed, iron isn’t one of the highest-paying metals, giving old iron-containing appliances or items is still a better idea than simply throwing them away. Remember, landfills aren’t where metals should be. The price of the iron will depend on the amount and the market prices (which can be quite fluctuating in the scrap metal recycling industry, so you must follow the market closely).

What If the Iron Is Rusty?

It’s only typical for certain items to be rusted. So, in this case, can you still give the iron to the scrap metal company? The answer is yes. There will be additional steps to remove the rust from the healthy parts of the metal, but it still can be used. One crucial point is the price, however, since rust will make the metal lighter, which may influence the price you will be paid.

What Can Be Recycled?

  • Most of us have various old pots in our kitchens that we don’t use. These are good sources of iron that can be melted to make new products.
  • Like the pots, there are also iron pans. They can be recycled similarly to pots.
  • Did you change your fencing recently and have the old fence? If this is the case, you can give it to a professional scrap metal company instead of throwing your old fence away.
  • Do you have an old automobile that you don’t use anymore, which sits in the garage? Recycling them is one of the best ways to make extra money. This way, you will gain space and make money simultaneously.
  • Old appliances such as dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, and washing machines are also good iron sources.

We Are Ready To Help You!

Using recycled iron instead of processing raw saves incredible amounts of energy and water. Since sustainability is a big concept of today’s world, in M&M Recycling, we accept various metals, including both ferrous and non-ferrous types. Our main aim is to help the environment as much as possible while providing you with an extra source of income. Call us today to learn more about our prices.