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4 Tips for New Scrap Collectors

4 Tips for New Scrap Collectors

Scrap metal recycling is an amazing way to conserve resources and energy while creating an extra source of income for the recycler. If you are new to the industry, it might take time to determine where to start. This article will cover tips for new scrap collectors so you can get the most out of your scrap recycling journey.

Know The Properties of The Metal

Before becoming a scrapper, the very first thing you should know is the basic properties of various metals. Every metal is unique in shape, conductivity, rarity, and softness,. Learning these features of primarily the most frequently recycled metals will put you in a great place before starting because you will know what kind of metals to look out for.

Know Where To Find Scrap Metal

Finding scrap metal can be challenging for certain new collectors because they don’t know where to start looking for it. Of course, before searching for other places, start with your home. Look at your old appliances, wires, and maybe even an old car in the garage. Later, you can expand your circle slowly through family and friends. Many people are more than happy to give their old metals because most people don’t like to drive up to a dumpster to drop certain metals, so ask your close friends and family. After your initial circle, you can start looking for the metal in constructions and local businesses. Constructions usually have a lot of unused metal you can collect. However, you should obtain permission first before taking the metal. Similarly, many local businesses have old tools and machinery they want to get rid of, so you can ask them.


Let’s assume you collected enough scrap, and it’s a pile. That’s not how you should take it to the scrap yard. First of all, if your scrap isn’t sorted, there’s no way for the professionals of the scrap yard to know what kind of valuable metal the pile includes so that they will pay you the lowest price. Similarly, if the scrap metal is full of debris and other material attached to the metal, the yard may not even accept it. So, although it is time-consuming, sorting and cleaning the metal is an integral part of the process. Make sure to separate ferrous metal from non-ferrous metal to get the maximum profit.

Additionally, taking a large amount of scrap at once to the scrap yard is more profitable than bringing small amounts frequently. That’s why a lot of scrappers prefer to store their metal. However, after cleaning and sorting the metal, if you don’t create the right storage environment for the metal, it may corrode and make your metal worthless. That’s why after cleaning and sorting your metal. You should find the suitable space to store the metal until you have enough to take to the scrap yard.

Watch The Market Closely

Finally, an important tip is to follow the metal market closely. Metal is just like the stock market. The prices constantly fluctuate. Therefore, to make the maximum profit, it’s important to follow which metal types are more valuable during that time and go to the scrap yard according to that.

Reliable Scrap Metal Company

If you feel you are ready to sell your scrap now and are looking for a reliable scrap metal company that will buy your scrap for the best price, you are at the correct address. At M&M Recycling, we accept various ferrous and non-ferrous metals and are ready to help you with your additional income. Call us today to learn more about the prices and metals we accept.